PYRO Camp Fire + Grill Combo

The Ultimate Camping Grill

The Pyro Camp Fire features an optional Grill Kit that includes everything you need to make amazing meals outdoors using charcoal or wood. The unique Griddle/Grill Combo Cooktop is made from heavy duty 3/16" mild steel that seasons just like cast iron for a naturally non-stick cooking surface. The included HDPE Cutting Board provides additional prep space that is safe for knives and easy to clean. The Cooking Tool Set is made from durable stainless steel and is dishwasher safe and corrosion resistant.

Grill Kit Includes:

Griddle/Grill Combo Cooktop

Griddle Tool Set

HDPE Cutting Board

Seasoning Oil

Large 18" x 10" cooktop made from heavy duty 3/16" steel quickly attaches for cooking

HDPE Cutting Board fits neatly inside the cooktop for easy transport

Unique griddle/grill combination provides flexible cooking options for a variety of meals

cook enough to feed an army

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