Minimalist Wallet


A New Kind of Wallet

    The Bad Idea Supply Co. wallet was born from a familiar problem: The bulky leather wallet that pained the back, destroyed cards, and accumulated junk that only got sorted on an annual basis. After sorting through a myriad of rigid wallets on the market, it became clear that our vision for a functional, yet minimalistic rigid wallet that maintained a sense of style had yet to be achieved. With this in mind, we fired up up the CAD software and started designing. What we ultimately produced after dozens of prototypes was an incredibly lightweight and heavy-duty wallet that securely held our cards, and was small enough to hardly be noticed when carried. No more giant wallet, no more clutter, no more back pain.


    Cards are held in place with a reliable spring-loaded retaining pin, which securely holds 1-6 cards (raised letter cards equate to about 1.5 flat cards). All hardware is made from stainless steel and is user serviceable. Naturally RFID blocking, the body is precision machined from a 6061 billet, bead blasted, and anodized to provide a striking, durable finish. A lanyard anchor provides the ability to secure the wallet in any way you see fit. With an ultra low profile and chamfered edges and corners, the Bad Idea Supply Co. Wallet will be the most comfortable wallet you've ever carried.